Joining a club

Recently decided to try joining a running club. People online cite various benefits. They say that running with other people is far more motivating than running alone and reduces the likelihood of missing a session. Being new to running and not entirely confident, I was worried that I would be too slow, too unfit, not able to keep up. I am also turned off by macho, testosterone-charged types, like what Americans call “jocks”, I guess. I was worried that a club would include lots of them – boring!

I joined my local club, Northside Running Group (NRG). They are based in my area and most of their club runs start from just around the corner from my house in Crows Nest. Most of their runs take place when I am at work – weekday evenings. But they have an early Saturday morning “club run” which fits my schedule well. The day I went was the day before the Sydney half marathon, which many NRG members were running. One of the runs they were doing was an “easy 4km”. Others were 10 – 16km.

I went along hoping just to try the easy 4k, but before I knew it was tagging along with a small group doing a slow 10km. I needn’t have worried: the people were really friendly, with not a hint of macho tedium. It was a pleasure running with them, and I had a great time. Best of all, talking to other people took my mind off my legs and the slow, easy run seemed effortless as a result. The company made the running seems much, much easier than training alone. I’ll definitely run some more with NRG, looking forward to next Saturday.

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