New training plan

Have decided to revise and simplify my training plan after the recent Sydney 24 hour race. I need to cover more Km each week and just focus much more on basically covering big distances at a consistent, fast pace.

This is the new schedule:

  • Sunday: Long walk at race speed, distance increases by 10% every week.
  • Monday: Rest day.
  • Tuesday: Hills.
  • Wednesday: 20km, faster than race speed.
  • Thursday: Cross train or rest.
  • Friday: 20km, faster than race speed.
  •  Saturday: Cross train or rest.

Long walks started at 33km and will increase by about 10% every week until well over 100km.

20 km walks will become longer once my speed over that distance starts to improve. Aim is 10km/hr = 6 min/km = 2:24 laps on a track.

Cross training to include strength, particularly core and arm movements for race walking, plus technique drills.

Hills Tuesdays to include hills repetitions or very hilly courses plus technical drills.

Mondays should be either complete rest or very light active recovery.

There are a few races coming up that I am thinking about entering: Caboolture (12 hour, targeting 85km), Auckland (12 or 24 hour), Putrajaya 12 hour (Malaysia). I am dreaming of a Centurion walk at Coburg in April 2013. I will also be undetaking my GNW250 walk later this year.


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