Review Skechers Go Run shoes

I am not a runner, but I would like to be, and I am trying. I walk a lot, quite long distances, but have always found running to be just too hard. Of course, it is just another skill to learn and I am now trying. Apart from anything else, it is enjoyable and makes it possible to cover a lot more ground in less time. Skechers Gorun shoes

Skechers Gorun shoes are the first dedicated running shoes made by that company. They are lightweight runners aimed at the “minimalist” market. Check out the Skechers website for full details if you are interested, but here is part of their blurb, replete with lots of the typical marketing BS:

“skechers GOrun is designed to give you a more natural running experience and to allow you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while at the same time offering the additional benefit of Resalyte™ cushioning. skechers GOrun features M-Strike™ technology which fosters a

mid-foot strike and GOimpulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback.

•Promotes a mid-foot strike.

•Impulse sensors isolate points of contact to deliver sensory feedback.

•Radically lightweight with just enough Resalyte™ cushioning to protect on practically any surface.

•Brings you closer to a barefoot experience AND provides impact protection.

•High-abrasion rubber at strike points for extra stability and traction control.

Nothing like a bit of Resalyte™ cushioning! But seriously, what are they like?

Basically, I like these shoes a lot. They are indeed very light. They feature a low heel to toe drop of just 4mm, as opposed to a normal running shoe which will tend to have 12mm – 16mm. For walking, the flatter the better. For a midfoot strike “natural” running style, this is also good.

They have a mid-sole sweet spot which is very comfortable to land on. Miss it and they feel a bit awkward.

Here is a summary of what I like:

  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable
  • Wide and have a roomy toe box
  • The black ones I got don’t look garish and stupid
  • Suit the way I run
  • Good to walk in fast and long

Here is what I don’t like so much:

  • Very flexible sole (great for running, but probably a bit floppy for walking)
  • The pronounced midsole “bump” makes casual walking feel a bit awkward

Mine cost about $120AUD from a local Skechers shop. So far I’ve used them for short sessions around the local streets, a 13km fast walk/run and a marathon distance training walk/run. Overall, I’m very happy with them and they have become one of my favourite shoes.




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