Walking the NSW coast 1

Towards Wollongong

I plan to walk, in stages, the whole of the New South Wales coast. I’ll try to document each stage here as best I can starting with photos and basic reports on sections completed so far.

To date I’ve walked all the coast from Newcastle to Wollongong and will work outwards, north and south, from there. The longest single effort so far was Newcastle to Waitara (in Sydney) over 2.5 days with an overnight stop in Bugewoi on the Central Coast. That walk was along roads, not through the bush or along the GNW.

Being Australia, there are stretches where it is safe to walk but also Coast track RNPlong stretches where it is dangerous due to traffic. People are not encouraged to walk or cycle in NSW and drivers can be very aggressive or murderous. Also, it is routine for a footpath or cycle path to end abruptly, for no apparent reason, and for roads to have no shoulders. If you walk along rural roads in NSW expect to be yelled at, abused, and even have cars deliberately swerve towards you. At least on foot you are nimble enough to escape. I would hate to be a cyclist here!

Botany bay sunset

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