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Joining a club

Recently decided to try joining a running club. People online cite various benefits. They say that running with other people is far more motivating than running alone and reduces the likelihood of missing a session. Being new to running and not entirely confident, I was worried that I would be too slow, too unfit, not […]

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Altra instinct shoe side view

Altra Instinct Shoe Review

  Main selling features: • “zero drop”, but with cushioning underfoot  • wide, especially around the toes. More foot-shaped than traditional running shoes • very light. My size 12’s are 290g each. There is currently a debate over “drop” and padding in running shoes. Which is better? Mainstream running shoes with their heavily built-up, heels […]

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4 hour work week

Late in 2011 some experiments I was doing in “outsourcing” led me to The 4 Hour Work Week, the best selling book by Timothy Ferriss. Like many poeple who read it, I first felt “yes, this is great, I’ll get straight onto doing this!”, only to end up doing nothing very much. But I have used some […]

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Training walk Gordon marathon

I was curious to see how fast I might be able to complete a marathon by walking the flats and uphills, and jogging the downhills. So I mapped out a course using MapMy Run and set out. The course took me from St Leonards station up the Pacific Highway to Gordon, and then down Ryde […]

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Skechers Gorun shoes

Review Skechers Go Run shoes

I am not a runner, but I would like to be, and I am trying. I walk a lot, quite long distances, but have always found running to be just too hard. Of course, it is just another skill to learn and I am now trying. Apart from anything else, it is enjoyable and makes […]

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Three Peaks 2011

Here is an account of a sub-48 hour three peaks walk I did in January 2011. It is the Blue Mountains three peaks, not the organised race of the same name. Over the weekend January 8 – 10, I decided to have a go at walking the Three Peaks in under 48hours. It is a […]

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The cairn on Belloon Pass

Mittagong to Katoomba epic

This began as a “straightforward” long walk of 138km from Mittagong to Katoomba along mostly dirt trails. What should have taken around 40 hours turned into a weekend epic, and quite an adventure. It involved landslides, floods, feral animals, hallucinations and even a light plane flight. The aim was to walk nonstop from Mittagong station to Katoomba […]

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Mt Solitary Traverse April 2012

Training walk, Thursday April 12, 2012. Party: Saul Richardson and Will Gilbert. Will and I met at Katoomba Station so I could show him the way to the Golden Stairs car park which would be the end of the walk. Leaving my car there, we drove down through Wentworth Falls to the locked gate carpark […]

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